About Alex Faigel

Babson College is the highest ranked business school for entrepreneurship in America, and Mr. Alex Faigel graduated from that exact school in May 1999 with conjoint degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Alex Faigel began working for zTrace Technologies Inc. in Waltham, Massachusetts as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Since taking over the sales and marketing teams in June 2000, Alex Faigel’s leadership has resulted in substantial annual growth in both business demand and profits. Mr. Faigel was also responsible for a marketing campaign that resulted in zTrace Technologies being featured on various network television shows, such as ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC News, and in several print media, including Time Magazine, PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, and Smart Computing Magazine.

In 2004, Alexander Faigel became the manager of the Family Dental Group. As the manager of one of the largest dental groups in Massachusetts, Alex Faigel has numerous professional responsibilities. One of his primary obligations is to ensure that patients receive optimum care and treatment in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. His daily duties include scheduling supervisor/staff meetings and handling personnel issues. Mr. Faigel also maintains company oversight on all the business’ financial aspects, including revenue, expenditures, the weekly audit report, and the monthly and annual in-house reports. Faigel leads strategic planning meetings, decides on future real estate acquisitons, markets to potential new patients, holds employee evaluations, and hires new staff.

Mr. Faigel appreciates relaxing days away from the office by reading books or going for long runs or jogs. He also enjoys traveling, going skiing, or hang gliding in his free time, and is also a personal tennis and basketball sports fan. In his spare time, Alex Faigel volunteers as a tutor in his community and donates to United Way, Greater Boston Food Bank, and the UNICEF charities.


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